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Musician, Composer, Writer, Session Player, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

 John Idan is the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Yardbirds.

John can also be seen solo or with his bands The John Idan Group, The Natural Blues Band or Ric Lee's Natural Born Swingers .

We All Belong

May 1st 2021

There is Hope!

After having to cancel so many shows due to the Corona Virus both, with the Yardbirds and my own, I am now happy to confirm that we have started negotiations for new shows as early as 2021!!! (pandemic permitting)

So stay tuned and hang in there!

Peace, John

Detroit born John Idan joined The Top Topham - Jim McCarty Band following a holiday in London in 1988 (-1992). He later became known as The Yardbirds lead vocalist and bassist (1994-2009), recording albums "Birdland" (2003) and "Live at B.B. King's" (2006). He left the band in 2009, following the release of his solo album "The Folly" and founded The John Idan Group playing a broader blend of music. In 2014 he revived his highschool band "The Natural Blues Band", returning to his 'Blues roots'.

In 2015 John Idan returned to The Yardbirds on guitar and lead vocals.

The Yardbirds feat. John Idan - 50th Anniversary Concert March 2013 - Double Trouble


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The Folly - soon available on the Shop page!
The Folly - soon available on the Shop page!

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There's more to this than we know... I'm listening to whispers from the Garden of Idan, -it's pretty transportative, somehow I get echoes of temple Krishna and columns of 10 mile willows that no longer sway in the orthodox neighborhood but serenely stand in the shadows of our shared dreams where we all belong. And then there's definitely Anthony Kaedis or maybe it's closer to the source, could be George Clinton himself sneaking through the Kali Yuga. Man, there's a strong strain of the Isleys running thru this too along with the other George in the temple. And as for the long time we've been on this road, don't hold your breath, we've only just begun...
Steve Goodale about 'The Folly'