Official Releases

2011          Beehive (Lord Dome feat. John Idan) – I Can’t Hold On



2008          John Idan – The Folly


                  (Garden of Idan)



2006          The Yardbirds – Live at B.B. King’s


                  (Favored Nations)




2003          The Yardbirds – Birdland (Feat. Jeff Beck, Slash, Brian May)


                  (Favored Nations)




2002          The Topham McCarty Band (recorded in 88-90)






2002          The McCarty Band – Two Steps Ahead (recorded in 90-91)






1991          The Yardbirds – Reunion Concert




Session Work


Joon Wolfsberg – Revolujoon (2013)

Renaissance – Through the Fire (2002)

The Whitaker Brothers

Lord Dome – Beehive

Ye Gods


Bootleg Releases


The Yardbirds – Reunion Jam

The Yardbirds – Reunion Jam Vol 2

The Yardbirds – Live in London

The Yardbirds – Birdland Live

The Yardbirds – Live in Twickenham

The McCarty Band – Outside Woman Blues

The Yardbirds Family Tree