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Yardbirds Keyring / Necklace - LIMITED EDITION

Laser engraved wood plate (cherry, pear or pine - subject to availability). Limited to 100 pieces - all hand numbered

20,00 €
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The Folly

13 Tracks incl. 20 page booklet

all songs written, composed and played by John Idan


Track listing:

  1. The Ballad of Myself

  2. I Began to Realise
  3. More to This Than We Know
  4. We All Belong
  5. That's You and Me
  6. Set out Before the Sadness Comes
  7. Five More Nights
  8. No Other
  9. Banging My Head on the Wall
  10. Sunny Franziska of the Western World
  11. The Kali Yuga's Gettin' Hot
  12. When You Were the One
  13. A Long Time on This Road
15,00 €
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